Drone, Hexacopter [DRU, Flirtey]

Maker and role
Flirtey, Maker
KDE Direct, Maker
T-Motor, Maker
Production date
05 Feb 2016
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Production period
Drone, hexacopter model DRU F3.6 made by Flirtey Inc on 5 Feb 2016, used to deliver world's first drone delivered commercial food order (pizza from Domino's) in Auckland on Aug 25 2016. Hexacopter has four black dual framed metal legs each with a non-rotating black single rubber circular foot. Each of the six black radial arms has a single black carbon fibre T-Motor 18x6.1" propeller mounted on a KDE Direct 4012XF brushless motor with a KDE Direct 55A+ speed controller fitted underneath. Each propeller has been numbered on the transverse upper side non-sequentially from 1 to 6 by hand in black ink on one end with "005" handwritten on the opposite end. Number 4 propeller arm is fitted with a small square GPS unit attached closer to the body to the hexacopter, this unit has the Flirtey "F" logo on the transverse upper side. Number 6 and 1 propeller arms are each fitted with a laser scanner underneath the speed controller unit. Arms 3 and 4 have their speed controller unit attached with a blue bracket while the others are attached with black brackets. The upper exterior body of the hexacopter is fitted with a 4 sided carboard top that has 3 white sides and one black side. One white side has the Flirtey "F" logo decal on one side (facing propeller arm number 6) and the Domino's pizza logo decal on the opposite side (facing propeller arm number 1). The side facing propeller arms 2 and 5 has a "DRU / DRONE /BY Flirtey" decal attached. The side facing the blue brackets has a black background and is printed with white circles that resmeble two eyes and a nose made of LED lights. Underneath the nose is one long piece of silver tape shaped to resemble a mouth. A single black antenna protrudes from the top of the cardboard body. The lower half of the Hexacopter is fitted with a black plastic body that has an open cavity underneath for holding the pizza boxes. Two sides of the lower body have both Flirtey and Domino decal logos attached while the other two side have a single Domino's logo decal and a "Flirtey" decal. The inner surfaces of the lower body have been lined with white foam while the top surface has been lined with styrofoam for heat insulation. The inner body has a circular opening in the middle which is where the original tether cord was able to pass through. Hexacopter was donated without autopilot, operator control unit and tether.
Flirtey Sticker
F Sticker
Domino's Pizza Logo Sticker
DRU / DRONE / BY Flirtey Sticker
F3.6B 005 Sticker
Flirtey 029 1269612 / F3.6 #005 Sticker
N667FJ Sticker
CFProp / 18x6.1 R Printed
T-MOTOR / Carbon Prop Printed
KDE Direct 4012XF 400 Kv 24P D5 RoHS CE Printed
CF Prop / 18x6.1 L Printed
Credit Line
Flirtey et al. 05 Feb 2016. Drone, Hexacopter [DRU, Flirtey], 2017.31. The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).


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