Electronic Scooter [Lime-S SN2.5]

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Lime, Commissioned by
Segway Inc., Manufacturer
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Electronic Scooter [Lime-S SN2.5]. Scooter has black handlebars, with a bell and a brake on the left. There is a rectangular yellow sticker covering the brake which reads "5236". There is a throttle mechanism on the right handlebar with a green rectangular section that reads "Push / Press / Go". To the left of this is a small white square sign which has a QR code in the centre, and with "Scan to unlock" and a serial number underneath in black. In the centre of the handlebars is “GPS Tracked” printed in white, and a small green semicircle button with the lime logo. On the stem is a red label, “Step on fender/ to brake”. At the front of the scooter, there is a headlight just under the handlebars. The stem of the scooter is white, with the Lime logo and “Lime.S” in black and green text. This text is repeated on both sides of the stem, in green. On the right side there is also a label in silver which reads “POWERED BY / SEGWAY”, and a yellow sticker “5236”. The green box containing the scooter’s electronic motor is at the base of the stem. “Designed in / California” is printed in white text on the front. There is a white outline of a lightning bolt on either side of the box. On the left side there is a barcode label at the bottom: “SN00201808004892”. There is a yellow sticker on the top edge of the box, which reads “5236”. Above this is a barcode label: “LBCAT-S_EU CE / IMEI:869313030512187”. On the inside of the stem is the Lime logo “Lime.S / Shared Scooter” in green, black and red text. “Download / the Lime App” is below, with two stickers, "Download on the / App Store", "GET IT ON / Google Play". Below this is “$1 to start, unlock in app”. Underneath this is a large black battery unit, with a charging port with a circular rubber cover at the top. Under this is a label with directions for using the scooter, “P Park properly […]” in green, white and black text. On the right is a long list of instructions about the Li-ion battery pack in white text, “Li-ion Battery Pack […]”. The base of the scooter is connected to the stem with a black downtube. On the downtube is another yellow label reading “5236” and another small white square sign with a QR code in the centre, and "Scan to unlock […]” in black. Just above the axle is a black coloured shock absorber. The front wheel has a black fender above it. It has a black sticker with a QR code, “JYX36300 / 4RCH118 / 13A1545”. The wheels have a triangle pattern like segments of a lime. The deck of the scooter is black coloured metal with a dark grey grip mat with embossed text in the centre, “C/CHF 1 TO START”. There is a red reflector stripe on either side of the deck near the stem. There is a wire connecting to the front wheel from the interior of the scooter stem. There is a small black metal kick stand attached on the left side. At the top part of the grip mat is a rectangular sticker with a green border and the Lime logo, “Download Lime App / "Download on the / App Store", GET IT ON / Google Play / www.limebike.com”, and a small black label below, “POWERED BY / SEGWAY”. There are two red reflectors at the rear of the deck. The fender brake is black, with a red reflector in the centre, and “Brake” stickers in red on either side.
Brief History
This Lime-S SN2.5 e-scooter was used in countries where Lime has a presence and was intended to be launched in New Zealand. Before the launch, however, the model was deemed not durable enough for Lime's shared-use model and it was recalled globally.

Lime then started to design its e-scooters in-house with shared use in mind. This is a popular model with other shared-use e-scooter companies and as a personally owned device.
Designed in / California Printed
[Logo] Lime.S Printed
C/CHF 1 TO START Embossed
5236 Label
Push / Press / Go Printed
GPS Tracked Printed
Scan to unlock / No.572-467 Printed
P / Park properly [...] Printed
Li-ion Battery Pack […] Printed
Step on fender/ to brake Printed
Lime.S / Shared Scooter /Download / the Lime App / Download on the / App Store / GET IT ON / Google Play / $1 to start, unlock in app Printed
JYX36300 / 4RCH118 / 13A1545 Printed
Download Lime App / Download on the / App Store / GET IT ON / Google Play / www.limebike.com Printed
Brake Printed
SN00201808004892 Label
LBCAT-S_EU CE / IMEI:869313030512187 Label
Other name
Electric scooter
Credit Line
Lime et al. 2018-2019. Electronic Scooter [Lime-S SN2.5], 2020.3.2. The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).


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