Digital Camera [Konica Minolta DiMAGE X31]

Maker and role
Konica Minolta, Manufacturer
Production date
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Secondary maker and role
Kodak Limited: Manufacturer
Panasonic Corporation: Manufacturer
Production period
Konica Minolta DiMAGE X31 Digital Camera.

Part 1: Silver Konica Minolta DiMAGE X31 digital camera. “[logo] / KONICA MINOLTA” has been embossed on the front of the camera under the glass flash. Next to the glass flash is a self-timer lamp and a self-portrait mirror. The camera’s lens is in the top right corner covered by a metal shutter. Under the lens, “KONICA MINOLTA / ZOOM LENS / 4.7-14.1mm / 1:2.8-3.7” has been printed in grey. “DiMAGE X31” printed in the bottom right corner in black. There is a raised ergonomic support grip in the left corner.

Along the top edge of the camera, there are two silver buttons. The shutter-release button is next to the main switch with “ON/OFF engraved next to it. There is a slidable recording mode switch behind these. At the bottom of the device, there is a tripod socket. “39420476 / KONICA MINOLTA / TOKYO, JAPAN MADE IN CHINA / N13656” has been printed in black.

On the left side of the camera, there is a card slot with “CARD” engraved onto it. above this, there is a slidable panel covering a USB port and a DC terminal with “DC 3V” engraved above it. Under this, there is a panel which slides out and folds up on hinges. Inside there is a cavity which accommodates two AA batteries. On the right side, “OPTICAL 3X / 12x / ZOOM / 3.2 MEGA PIXELS” has been engraved.

At the back of the object, a black and white outlined skull and crossbones sticker with red details has been adhered above the glass display screen. Next to this, there is a menu button with “MENU” engraved next to it. A controller with engraved arrows at the cardinal points is located next to the menu button, “T” has been engraved at the top and “W” at the bottom. A playback button, indicated by a printed green symbol. On the side, “SD” has been engraved. In the top right corner is a strap eyelet with a fabric safety strap attached.

Part 2: Navy and black fabric case for digital camera. Case has two black mesh pockets on its exterior and zips open at the top. The zipper is embossed with “POINT” and has a textile tag through it. On the front is a rubber patch which is embossed with “HIT / POINT / PROFESSIONAL” in yellow and red. At the back of the case there are two ‘D’ shaped fixture onto which a long fabric strap has been clipped with plastic clips. Below this, in the centre, is a Velcro strap.

The inside is padded and has a large compartment and two smaller compartments separated by a mesh pocket/ at the top of the mesh pocket, “POINT” has been embroidered in red multiple times.

Part 3: Blue Kodak SD card with a blue and yellow sticker attached to the front. “Kodak / SD Card / 1 GB / Digital / Assurance / PROMISE” is printed on the sticker in red, white, and black. On the back of the card, “MM8GF01GWMCU-PA / TF03000709 by Taiwan” is printed in black.

Part 4: Blue Panasonic SD card. On the front, “Panasonic / SD / CLASS 2 / 512MB / LOCK" is printed. “D052 BJ7HA053719 / RP-SDR512 MADE IN JAPAN” is printed on the back.

Part 5: Black USB adapter cord. “E154336 (UL) CM 28AWG/1P+26AWG/2C 75Oc --- USB SHIELDED HIGH-SPEED USB2.0” is printed in white text along the cord and repeated multiple times.

Part 6: Black metal tripod for Konica Minolta DiMAGE X31 digital camera. At the top of the tripod, there is a flat circular base with a small screw protruding from its centre to screw into a camera. On the side of this base, there is a wide flat clip. Three malleable legs are attached to the base and can be moved to suit the user’s needs. Each leg has a spherical plastic foot on the end to help stabilise the tripod.
Brief History
Minolta released the first in its DiMAGE X compact digital camera range in 2002. This model, the DiMAGE X31, was launched in July 2004, following Minolta’s merger with Konica. The X31 uses the same “folded optics” Minolta introduced in 2002 to achieve a zoom function without an extending lens, keeping the body of the camera slim and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. The zoom mechanism is positioned on its side inside the camera and a prism reflects the image seen through the first lens element through this seven-element zoom mechanism.
The ultra compact size of the DiMAGE X, achieved while retaining zoom functionality, made it a standout in 2002, while its other features, including a built-in flash, LCD screen for image viewing, and video recorder were standard in contemporary digital cameras. In the DiMAGE X31, the megapixels have been upgraded from 2 to 3.2, however the image resolution was still relatively poor, and would not compare well to the cameras on today’s mobile phones.
[logo] / KONICA MINOLTA Embossed
KONICA MINOLTA / ZOOM LENS / 4.7-14.1mm / 1:2.8-3.7 Printed
DiMAGE X31 Printed
ON/OFF Engraved
CARD Engraved
DC 3V Engraved
OPTICAL 3X / 12x / ZOOM / 3.2 MEGA PIXELS Engraved
MENU Engraved
T Engraved
W Engraved
SD Engraved
POINT Embossed
POINT Stitched
Kodak / SD Card / 1 GB / Digital / Assurance / PROMISE Printed
MM8GF01GWMCU-PA / TF03000709 by Taiwan Printed
Panasonic / SD / CLASS 2 / 512MB / LOCK Printed
D052 BJ7HA053719 / RP-SDR512 MADE IN JAPAN Printed
E154336 (UL) CM 28AWG/1P+26AWG/2C 75Oc --- USB SHIELDED HIGH-SPEED USB2.0 Printed
Credit Line
Konica Minolta. 2004. Digital Camera [Konica Minolta DiMAGE X31], 2021.41.11. The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).


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