Automobile [Mazda R 100 Coupe]

Maker and role
Mazda Motor Corporation, Manufacturer
Production date
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Mazda R 100 coupe motor car. Rotary engine. Red in colour. Registration No. DJ 2806. ROTARY COUPE badge on the rear of the vehicle. Black leather seats and manual transmission.
Brief History
Known in Japan as the Mazda Familia Rotary Coupe, the Mazda R100 was one of the first cars produced with a rotary engine.

From the 1960s, as a way of distinguishing themselves from other Japanese car manufacturers, Mazda put considerable effort into perfecting the Wankel rotary engine.

Like a piston engine, the Wankel rotary is an internal combustion engine. However, the Wankel engine converts pressure into a rotating motion instead of the reciprocal motion produced by a piston engine. This process takes place in a chamber formed by part of the housing and sealed in by one face the rotor, which has a Reuleaux triangular shape.

The design of the rotary engine makes it more powerful than a comparatively sized standard piston engine. Although the Mazda R100 engine is half the size of a regular 6-valve engine, it can produce the same horsepower as a piston engine up to 2–3 times its size. However, this extra power comes with higher fuel consumption.

Type: Coupe
Model: R100
Manufacturer: Mazda
Country manufactured: Japan
Year: 1970
Engine type: Petrol, rotary engine
Engine capacity: 491cc per rotor (1000cc in total)
Horsepower: 100 hp
MAZDA R100 Maker's Plate
Credit Line
Mazda Motor Corporation. 1970-1972. Automobile [Mazda R 100 Coupe], 1980.116.1. The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).


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such an elegant car! any photos about this <a href="">Mazda</a> ?

- John May on 12-03-2020 08:12:10

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