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Name/Title Maker Production date Collection type
2002.248_p1 Nasal douche
Technology/Health Sciences
2002.250_p1 Zenith long distance radio station log : Standard broadcast and short wave
<C> Zenith Radio Company
Dec 1936
Walsh Memorial Library/Ephemera and manuscripts
2002.249_p1 Electric comb
Vytalife Manufacturing Company
Technology/Domestic Technology
200.252_p1 Time Capsule [NAC]
National Airways Corporation
Transport/Air and Space
Railway Guards (Plow) van F10 Railway Guards (Plow) van F10
New Zealand Railways
2002.257_p1 Forceps Tweezers - Dental
Technology/Health Sciences
2002.278_p1 Toy [Siege Gun]
Technology/Domestic Technology/Social History
2002.283_p2 Serving Tray [Food Service]
Technology/Domestic Technology
Badge - Car Badge - Car
Transport/Road Transport
2001.51.5_p1 Box lid
Ohnoya Shoten Limited
Technology/Communications/Visual Technology