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Name/Title Maker Production date Collection type
2016.194_p1 Uniform Apron [Male Flight Stewards Apron]
Air New Zealand Limited
Barbara Lee
Koru Collection
Transport/Air and Space
1977.139.39_p1 Shell Nose
Transport/Air and Space
2016.192.2_p1 Commemorative Medal [Royal Visit 1953-54]
Technology/Domestic Technology/Social History
Badge [St John Voluntary Aid] Badge [St John Voluntary Aid]
Mayer and Kean Limited
St John Ambulance Northern Region
Transport/Road Transport/Fire and Emergency Services
2016.193_p1 Flap Display Board [Flight Information Display Module]
Mount Cook Airline Limited
Air New Zealand Limited
National Airways Corporation
Qantas Empire Airways Limited
Eagle Airways
Associated Air
Wairarapa Airlines
Air Albatross
Newmans Air
Transport/Air and Space
1965.65_p2 Vacuum Cleaner [Star Vacuum]
Star Engineering Co Ltd
Circa 1915-1920
Technology/Domestic Technology
Sign [Texaco Motor Oil] Sign [Texaco Motor Oil]
Transport/Road Transport
2016.197_p1 Cigarette Lighter [Air New Zealand]
Ronson Consumer Products Corporation
Air New Zealand Limited
Transport/Air and Space
Steam Indicator
Dobbie McInnes Limited
Technology/Industrial Heritage
1977.165_p1 Collar Box
Technology/Domestic Technology/Social History