Telecom Phone Cards

Author: Belinda Nevin
Editor: Nicola Jennings

This collection is made up of nine sets of Telecom New Zealand phone cards and was donated to MOTAT in December 2018.

Pre-paid phone cards were introduced throughout the country by Telecom New Zealand during 1989.  The cards are made from a hard plastic composite and are heat-stamped with a magnetic stripe on the back.  This technology superseded coin payphones, and for a time, both options were available for the caller to choose from.  In 1993 credit card phones were also introduced throughout the public payphone network.

Phone cards were available with pre-loaded amounts (from $2 up to $50).  Special presentation sets were also created for collectors.  This collection has a range of themes including the official 1997 Christmas series, a 1999 Kiwiana set, a commemorative issue for Sir Edmund Hillary (1998) and a selection of cards featuring Spot, the Telecom dog.


Nevin, Belinda. 2021. Telecom Phone Cards. New Zealand: The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

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