Automobile [Morris 8]

Maker and role
Morris Motor Company Limited, Manufacturer
Production date
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Production period
Green, convertible, 2-door Morris 8 with registration number BH7300.
Engine and gear box are Morris Minor. Original blocks, housings and gear are with parts. Rebuilding required.
Electrics are 12 volt, original was 6 volt. Wiring is not original.
Spare wheel is not original.
1. Brake drums 10, tappet covers 2, front engine mounting plates 2.
2. Timing chain covers, clutches, pressure plates and thrust bearings.
3. Pistons and rods.
4. Pistons and rods.
5. Brake shoes, springs, wheel cylinders and hand brake cables.
6. Wheel bearings and housings.
7. Dash bits, seat supports, trafficators, speedo cables, hand brake, petrol pumps, horn, wires, regulators.
8. Shock absorbers, cables, coils, carburettors, oil pump.
9. Sump and timing gear.
10. Starter motors and generators.
11. Fly wheels.
12. Sumps.
13. Engine mounts, oil pressure pipelines, pullies, main bearing housings, valves and springs.
14. Manifolds, cooling flanges, clamps.
15. Lights.
16. Lights.
17. Air filter and brackets, shock absorbers, coil, regulator, hub caps.
18. Distributors, wheel nuts (40), wheel brace (original), boxes of nuts, bolts and bits. 2 x Timing chain, interior trim.
19. Mirror holder, valves and tappets, gear box shaft, speedos (3), hood clips, radiator emblems (3), engine bonnet hinges and catches.
20. Oil pumps (3), steering joints, wheel hub, camshaft, petrol pump (2), distributor drive shaft, main bearing housings, tappet cover, brake master cylinders (2), dipstick.
21. Gearbox shafts, bearings, etc.
22. Gearbox shafts, bearings, etc.
23. Windscreen wiper motors (3) and bits, coil, horn, pistons/rods, boxes nuts/bolts (3), tail light (original).
24. Other:
- Steering rods/housings.
- Bumper.
- Drive shafts.
- Differential.
- Engine blocks, crankshafts.
- Gear box housings.
- Boxes springs hubcaps axels, bumper mounts, gearbox parts, wheel housings, bracket nuts, bolts, clamps.
- Crank handle.
- Luggage rack.
- Doors (4) from series 2 sedan (original paint).
- Steering wheel (green).
- Drive shaft housing.
- Radiators (3).
- Radiator grills and surrounds
25. Other new parts:
- Master brake cylinder boot.
- Ball end joints (4).
- Starter switch.
- Wheel cylinder repair kits (2).
- Points (2).
- Distributor balance weight.
- Wiper blade.
- Carb float.
26. Literature:
- Morris 8 Operational Manual - 1935.
- Pitmans Book Morris 8 and Minor.
- Morris Minor servicing manual.
- 1957 Road Code.
- 1975 Road Code.
- AA Breakdown Service Guide 1962-63.
- Morris 8 BH7300 - record of owners.
Credit Line
Morris Motor Company Limited. 1938. Automobile [Morris 8], 2004.677. The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).


Public comments

Thank you for your comment, Stewart.

- MOTAT Curatorial Research posted 2 years ago.

Innovative hydraulic brakes on this model for it's time. Great condition, great asset to to the museum. A model I always look forward to viewing every time I go to MOTAT.

- Stewart posted 2 years ago.

Thank you for your comment and query Peter, we will contact you directly.

- MOTAT Curatorial Research posted 3 years ago.

Hi, Fairly comprehensive report of this vehicle but i would like to see the Engine and Chassis Numbers as shown on the Manufacturer's Data Plate. (Or even a photo of the plate). Does any of the Literature show the original date of registration? All of this would normally be available via CarJam but the Registration of this vehicle was cancelled before NZTA went on to their present system. Cheers.

- Peter Cobb posted 3 years ago.

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